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Chapter 1 - 02

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27 Jul 2008


Ahh! It's so pretty now T__T

Well, finally got a new layout done. You can see I just changed to a different public template (Blingtastic or something or other) and edited the heck out of it. I didn't like the original template much (gaudy!) but once it's all spruced up, it really looks nice.

The glossary is fixed as well to fit the template (yay!)

I'm considering speeding up the comics (one every 3 days is a good speed, but I'm itching to get to good stuff for this) - the only problem is that it means I'll have to go DRAW everything, and that's exhausting. I'll keep you posted on that.

*Bugfix = I managed to straighten out the weird comment problem (the paragraphs were overlapping). Mwahahaha, stolen HTML code FTW!

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