Soul Creature 101

An Explanation of Soul Creatures

Soul Creatures

Soul Creatures are the spirits born from a person's own spirit / soul / magic. Whatever you want to call it doesn't make much of a difference, but the characters all refer to it as "Soul" so that'll work. When a person is born, shamans / priests in the town quickly discern what type of creature they possess. Ryven is a dragon, so people in the village say that he was "born under the Dragonstar," hence the name of the comic. In this vein, Vaang is "born under the Tigerstar" and Aristia... well, Aristia is a confusing mess to everybody. People mockingly say "she was born under the Randomstar."

Special Abilities

Each creature has a special attack that can be used, other than the regular hack and slash fighting. This special attack tends to be a diffusion of soul energy, so it's harder to control than simply getting them to fight head on. It's stronger, though, and can be used against groups of enemies.


The world is filled with creatures that roam around, like lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) and, of course in the rarest of the rare, dragons as well. Soul Creatures are usually used by town guardians who fend off these creatures. The creatures themselves are made up of spirit matter, so for the most part, they cannot be hurt by tangible things (so people with weapons will have little to no effect), though their effects do damage the tangible, both with regular and special attacks. The soul creatures can be hurt by other spirit creatures, as well as with magic (such as elemental damage from a dragon's breath). Some treat the creature as a pet / companion instead of using it to fight, so there's always that.

Power (MP)

Power of the creature is dependent on how much is put into it - fights are usually decided by a straight up calculation of who has the most power in them. This can be described as "MP" for the sake of simplicity. A "normal" person with the ability to summon these creatures (A summoner) is born starting at around 10MP, and it grows over time, depending on one's training. Most summoners do not bother training, though, since the use of these creatures is usually left to a few people who fight off monsters in each town. Therefore, an average summoner ends up with roughly 50MP, which they gain just through natural maturation. From this, we can infer that the max power level of most of the creatures is roughly 50MP.

Defeat / Death

If a soul creature is defeated in battle, it isn't so much "dead" as the energy within the creature is lost forever. MP grows over time and through training, and if the creature returns to it's owner, the MP used to form it is returned as well, but if it's gone, it's gone. MP can be loosely considered "life force" as well - a person can live as long as they have 1MP remaining, but if all the MP is used up, the person dies with the creature. As long as the person has any MP remaining, he/she can re-summon her creature.


Some people use their soul creatures to fight each other, for sport. Usually, these fights end before the creature is completely annhilated, so that no MP is permanently lost, but there are underground battles that go until the creature is completely defeated. These fights are usually the focus of high-stakes gambling.

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