13 Jul 2008

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Oration from Above


Swears are expletive'd, so it won't ever get past "damn" I guess. Let's avoid that rated R tag, heh.

The explosion I talked about in the description - story is about to get started. Yup, it's starting fast, no prelude, you don't even see their names until way later.

Maybe I've decided who is who? Or is it just that I don't know which I like better so this way I can choose who the hero is based on how cool they act? Sadly for all of you, it's the former - I'm just not telling~


The People doth Speak:


No names until later? I guess names aren't really that important when there are action scenes ^_- Can't wait to see what happens!


Hey, good luck with your solo comic, K.K. I'll be keeping a close eye on it.

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