31 Jul 2008

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Oration from Above


Name: Heaven's Dragon. Mission: BURNINATE.
The explanation of the world is in the Glossary - so click on that if you're lost on how things work. I hope the explanation is clear, but if it isn't, feel free to leave a comment on how balls it is.

If you can see what's going on in this comic, you're a better man than me - I'm not exactly TOO happy with how it looks, but it's the prologue. I think it'll start to smoothen out once I hit chapter one.

Unfortunately, I have planned out how this comic starts and how it ends, but not the crap inbetween. All I know is that it's starting to look like it is going to take a while (when I originally planned to keep it really short) - aaaugh... Anyways, chapter 1 is starting soon, and I don't think Ryven's even going to show up (it'll mainly be some setup and introducing some major characters)


The People doth Speak:


For those interested, the current strength levels were something like this:

Ryven - approx 500MP (almost the same since birth, cuz Ryven's a lazy piece of work - he's probably only gained like 10 or 20 MP in his whole life)
Vaang - 90MP (after continuous training, since he started out at a normal level, which is like 15MP - you can start to imagine that "potential" has a hell of a lot to do with actual power in this comic)

So you can see that Ryven is friggin' powerful, since 230 is considered a frightening amount. I would guess an average fighter has around 50MP, so Vaang is almost double than a normal person, and Ryven is an obscene 10 times stronger, since, like I said, dragon's are overpowered in this world.

As a note, Ryven's lazy but not stupid - he knows the average person's strength, so NORMALLY he only uses around 75MP in his dragon. What he's about to do is what we call "OVERKILL"


I like your concept for the world. It sounds interesting. By the way, if you ever feel like it, I granted you access to TLS's web design functions. I like what you did with the design here.

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