Chapter 1 - 02

20 Aug 2008

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Oration from Above


It's a setup page. Like all of this stupid chapter.
Ahh, sorry, I know I haven't been updating much. The updater says I've only been putting up 1.5 comics a week. That's pretty weak, it was going at 3.3 comics a week earlier... T__T I should get back to it.

Most of this chapter is setup/introductory, but most pages will be dialogue, as opposed to Vaang floating in space. Really, I promise.

(At least it's not just a black page like SOME other webcomics. *Coughs*)

It's a joke, don't take it seriously

It's always weird when somebody faves your work but they are MUCH MUCH better artists than you. So many people are so incredible, it's a bit daunting sometimes.

I honestly DO have a characters page pretty much done... T__T I don't know if I should upload it though, since it has spoilers of the people who are coming up later.


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